ABEL finance
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Protocol Overview

Set up 4 capital pools:

  • 1. LP Coins pool (support mainstream LP Coin)
  • 2. Supply pool (support mainstream Coin)
  • 3. Insurance pool (Fund from Abel finance treasury)
  • 4. NFT Pool

The Main Roles Involved

1. LP pledger (borrower):

  1. 1.
    Deposit LP to obtain credit, use credit to borrow assets (similar to Aave and Compound)
    • Support mainstream LP pledge
    • Access principle, new LP Coin currency for governance voting
  2. 2.
    Rights and Interests
    • Pledge to obtain credit
    • Different LPs have different excess borrowing rates
    • Can be dynamically adjusted
    • Pledged airdrop incentives

2. Liquidity Provider (Lender)

  1. 1.
    Deposit token to provide liquidity into the market
    • Support mainstream Coin
  2. 2.
    Rights and interests
    • Interest income from borrowing
    • Additional liquidity provides incentives

3. Liquidator

When the borrower reaches the liquidation line, the liquidator repays the borrower to obtain the Coin(LP Coin/Coin/NFT)
  1. 1.
    Rights and interests
    • The liquidator will get 8% discounted (such as, repay 100USDT debt and get 108USDT collateral)

4. Abel Finance Project

A) Community Operation
B) Project Maintenance
C) Insurance Pool Operation
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